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About Us

Founded in 2015 Aoui Clothing began with the idea we could weave together timeless style, quality materials & construction, and responsible manufacturing to create clothes for the modern woman who cares about fashion and the impact they have on the environment. At Aoui you’ll see our clothes evolve with the seasons but we always hold true to our core principles:

Deadstock & Recycled Fabrics sourced from around the world inspires all of our designs. Utilizing this already manufactured fabric we are able to limit our environmental impact while sourcing at lower prices. This allows us to create from higher quality materials and keep our costs down with the savings being passed along to you, the consumer.

Quality Material & Construction is a priority at our local manufacturing facility here in Los Angeles where we ensure all our clothes are made to high standards. Stylish clothes, worn often, and made to last are a great way to reduce the impact of our consumer culture and ultimately saves our customers money as they purchase less often.

Timeless Design never goes out of style. At Aoui we look past today’s fads to create lasting styles. We don’t expect you to buy frequently, but instead hope to be a part of a modern sophisticated wardrobe you build over time with higher quality garments.

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