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Copy of Who are we? Aoui Clothing.

We’re a women’s apparel company that demands a lot from ourselves but little from the environment


What makes us different?

We do love clothes but we also care about conscious manufacturing and the future of our planet. We believe beautiful things can be created in harmony with our community and environment and are constantly seeking ways to do so! 

Since 2015 Aoui has been sourcing almost exclusively with deadstock fabrics allowing us to greatly reduce our energy and environmental footprint. Creating something beautiful is not always easy, and made a little harder when not producing whatever textile we envision, but instead relying on repurposed fabrics. This means a little more work for us but the end result is an outfit that makes you feel good in terms of style and fit, but more importantly you feel good about how it was made. Doing that little extra, taking a little more care, being a little more discerning is what Aoui is about.

Ultimately we're like most of our customers who each day make choices and put in a little extra effort to make their lives, and the lives of those around them, a little better. Every Aoui item is made in our home town of Los Angeles where we can insure fair wages and high quality construction, and for every one you purchase we send a donation to plant one tree. Tell us what extra steps you took today... We'd love to hear from you!


What are deadstock fabrics? 

One of the most striking things about the apparel industry is the sheer volume of fabric produced that never gets used. This process consumes large amounts of water and chemicals, and to compound problems much of the unused textiles end up in landfills. At Aoui each and every product begins with one of these recycled fabrics and is transformed into a high quality garment that is timeless and affordable.

The limited quantities of deadstock material also limit our ability to create new pieces. Once we sell out of something we're not always able to make more, but we are always on the look out for more ways to recycle and create beautiful low impact clothes.  


Why plant trees?

Trees are an essential part of our planets ecosystem. They help clean the air producing oxygen while removing carbon dioxide. Forrests aid biodiversity creating an environment for hundreds of essential life forms and home to many woodland critters. Trees also have tremendous health benefits being used in many medicines such as aspirin, and the simple act of seeing more trees has been shown to have healing properties. To learn more about the wonderful power of trees visit the, a 501C3 non profit organization, and be sure to share with us what you've learned as we're all striving to better understand and connect with our world.


Made In Los Angeles

“Made in LA” is an important part of our process. LA is our home and we work with local businesses because our community is important to us. We are involved in every step of the process, from designing, sourcing, to cutting and manufacturing. Our clothes are made with love, care and attention to detail. Inspired by everything on Earth and sent out into the world to have a journey of their own. Your Aoui clothes are made in LA, but ready to travel, taste, live, and experience all of life’s journeys.

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